Big Purple Dot – Mobile

At Big Purple Dot, my first project was to redesign the mobile app from the skeleton that was currently in place. During my research, I found that despite modest usability approximately 1/3 of our clients were accessing our platform either via mobile or tablet application. This information was presented to the stakeholders and the decision was made to push the CRM into a native application.
I was responsible for testing between two entirely different professions to ensure that the system was as mailable and usable as possible. I developed the following wireframe, flow and prototypes for our investors. 


Wireframe Prototype:

The flow:

The Prototype:

Current Problems: The app is currently in the process of adding new features and solving optimization bugs. This, of course, means frequent updates, however, user feedback has been extremely positive.

Growth: Since 2014 the app has grown from a little over 100 users to well over 2,000